Kharkiv company received an award from the Cabinet of Ministers

The team of authors of LLC “LED Technologies Ukraine” (Kharkiv) received the award of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the press service of the government, the award was received for the work “Development and implementation of the latest technologies, creation of the most advanced detector modules based on basic high-tech components with aluminum switching for particle detection systems in high-energy physics experiments.”

The prize is awarded annually, its amount this year will be 100 thousand hryvnia. In total, five teams receive awards per year. It was established in 2012 and is awarded for the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Its goal is to encourage scientists and inventors to create an innovative product.

As part of the Kharkov team:

  • Boyko Anatoly Andreevich – Leading Engineer of LLC;
  • Borshchev Vyacheslav Mikolaevich – Deputy Director of LLC;
  • Grinev Boris Viktorovich – Chief Researcher of the Institute of Scintillation Materials of the National Academy of Sciences;
  • Viktor Grigoryevich Kucherenko – Director of LLC;
  • Olexander Mikhailovich Listratenko – head of the LLC department;
  • Nikitsky Gennady Igorevich – leading engineer of the LLC;
  • Protsenko Maksim Anatolyevich – head of the department of LLC;
  • Timchuk Igor Trofimovich — head of department of LLC.

The company “LED Technologies Ukraine” was founded on October 10, 2009. The strategic goal of the company is to provide a full production cycle of lighting equipment and increase the company’s share in the world market. The company offers solutions for lighting streets and highways, architectural lighting of buildings and structures; office lighting.