Cern delegation was held in Kyiv

In order to discuss the mechanism of further ways of cooperation within the framework of the Agreement between Ukraine and the European Organization for Nuclear Research on granting the status of an associate member to CERN, from 10 to 12 March 2015, a CERN delegation visited Kyiv.

During the visit, a number of events, meetings and workshops took place.

A meeting was held with the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Sergiy Myronovich Kvit, during which issues of future cooperation and solving financial problems related to the Associate Membership Agreement were discussed. The minister stressed that Ukraine’s participation in CERN is the number one task. He also promised that by the end of the year the procedure for notification of the Agreement would be completed and support for cooperation with this organization would be provided.

The delegation visited the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, where they met with students of the Faculty of Physics, visited the Institute of Theoretical Physics. M.M. Bogolyubova, during the visit, was informed about the work of the Ukrainian Grid and one of the Tier-2 shared use centers and got acquainted with the integration of the Ukrainian Grid system into international projects in high energy physics.

On March 11, the first founding meeting of the Ukraine-CERN bilateral working group was held.

During the meeting, CERN representatives were acquainted with the level of physical education in Ukraine in the field of particle physics and high energy physics.

Director of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oksen Vasilyevich Lesnoy spoke about the experience of working with intellectually gifted youth and creating conditions for improving the qualifications of teachers.

Oleksandr Vulfovich Gektin (Institute of Scintillation Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and Viktor Grigoryevich Kucherenko (LLC “LED Technologies of Ukraine”) spoke about innovative projects and the latest technological developments in the field of creating detecting devices and systems.

Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics. A.I. Akhiezer NSC “KIPT” Nikolai Fedorovich Shulga reported on new proposals of Ukrainian theorists for future experiments at CERN.

At the meeting with the Vice-Presidents of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anton Grigoryevich Naumovets and Anatoly Glebovich Zagorodny, the CERN delegation agreed to support the holding and actively participate in the Science Festival 2016.

As a result of the entire visit, the expediency of the next visit of the Ukrainian delegation to CERN was determined to get acquainted with the level of engineering achievements in the CERN experiments and the possibility of involving Ukrainian engineers and scientists involved in solving applied issues.

The CERN delegation emphasized that Ukraine is already actively cooperating with CERN, and therefore the development of a roadmap for Ukraine’s integration into CERN is not required.

In the framework of notification of the Agreement by the end of the year, Ukraine has a chance to be the first country associated member of CERN.

The information used is posted on the website of the State Fund for Fundamental Research