Regional investment project of the Kharkiv region “Ukrainian light”

The project “Ukrainian Light” is the organization of a full technological cycle of mass production of environmentally friendly, energy-saving LED lamps: from the production of crystals by epitaxy to the production of ready-to-use LED lamps for industrial and domestic purposes.

Brief description of the project

The project provides:
  • construction of production facilities that meet the requirements of the organization of the technological process, with a total area of ​​4000 m2, including clean rooms, with an area of ​​850 m2;
  • purchase of equipment for organizing a full technological cycle of mass production of LED lamps: equipment for the production of epitaxial plates, production of crystals, assembly of LEDs, production of electronic power supplies and LED lamps for industrial and domestic purposes;
  • installation and commissioning of equipment by adjusters of manufacturing enterprises;
  • training in work on high-tech equipment of the personnel of the enterprise, organization of business processes of mass production and marketing of LED lamps;
  • organizing the work of a technological laboratory to improve the production of epitaxial wafers, the production of crystals, the packaging of crystals and the production of clusters, the improvement of electronic power supplies.
Project Background

The company “LED Technologies Ukraine” conducted large-scale marketing research, studied the technological features of the equipment used in the world and organized in 2011 in Kharkov (Ukraine) its own production of LED lamps for outdoor lighting based on the use of crystals purchased abroad.

As a result of organizing the work of the research group, the company developed:

  • design and production technology of a flexible-rigid LED module with a three-dimensional arrangement of crystals;
  • innovative combined “Chip-on-flex” – assembly technology using automated ultrasonic welding processes and surface mounting processes;
  • efficient heat dissipation designs;
  • high-quality electronic power supply systems have been developed. All developments made by LED Technologies Ukraine are protected by international patents.
Market needs

At present, worldwide there is a widespread transition to the use of LED lamps due to their cost-effectiveness and durability. A similar increase in demand for LED lamps is expected in Ukraine – the forecast for the consumption of LED lamps in Ukraine is presented in the table.

Forecast of consumption of LED lamps in Ukraine

Expected results

The implementation of the project “Ukrainian Light” will allow organizing the mass production of LED lamps in Ukraine and satisfying 20% ​​of the expected level of demand within the country. At the same time, a new branch of production will be created, completely independent of the import of crystals from abroad. The implementation of the project will ensure the creation of about 1,000 new jobs with an average wage of at least $500 per month, which is 40% higher than the average wage at instrument-making enterprises in Ukraine. At the same time, a scientific and practical school will be created for the development of technologies for the production of crystals and LED products, and a system of professional training of young specialists in this field will be organized.

Organizational scheme of project implementation

The project is planned to be implemented through the creation of a joint venture, the co-founders of which from the Ukrainian side will be: LLC “LED Technologies Ukraine”  and the communal enterprise of the Kharkiv Regional Council Rogan Industrial Park. Foreign partners are invited to participate in the implementation of the Ukrainian Light project, who are ready to become co-investors in the amount of 10% to 51% of the amount of the authorized fund in the amount of $42 million required for the project.

Project financial indicators

Net present value (NPV) is estimated at $47.8 million (for 5 years at a discount rate of 20%). The project’s internal rate of return (IRR) is 48.4%. Payback period (PW): 4 years. Discounted payback period (DPB): 5 years.


The project will be implemented on the territory of the Technopolis Pyatikhatka, a city of high technologies created within the framework of the national project of Ukraine “City of the Future”.

Project implementation timeline

The term for the implementation of the construction part of the project is 10 months. The term of operation of the created production is 30 years.

The project is managed

LLC “LED Technologies Ukraine”
Address: st. Novgorodskaya 3, Kharkiv, 61145, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (057) 720 42 48
Phone/Fax: +38 (057) 714 07 46
Project leader: Nikitsky Gennady Igorevich

“Ukrainian light” – illuminating the path to prosperity!