Led Module

Multi-chip light sources

In 2013, LLC “RPE “LTU» performed work on the organization and launch of industrial production of a wide range of multi-chip LED modules according to the COB assembly technology with a capacity of up to 50,000 modules per year with a power of 4 to 50 W. The modules are designed for domestic energy-saving LED lamps for household lighting when replacing incandescent lamps and for powerful general industrial lighting systems.

The result of the work was the development of a number of fundamentally new in Ukraine multi-chip LED modules manufactured according to the COB – assembly technology using new materials and innovative solutions (in March 2014, an application for an invention of Ukraine and a utility model was filed).

The developed scientific approaches of LLC «RPE «LTU» are aimed at achieving a significant increase in brightness, color rendering and energy efficiency in lighting systems of a new generation, while reducing the cost of manufacturing such systems.

LED Multichip Chip-on-Board (COB) Modules

Devices incorporating multiple light emitting semiconductor LED chips are referred to as multi-chip light sources or LED modules. In radio electronics, a module is a functionally complete piece of equipment, structurally designed as an independent product. Thus, a multifunctional LED module is a device in which several light-emitting semiconductor crystals with a single primary optics are located inside one housing. LED modules differ in the number of LED crystals, geometric dimensions, color temperature, light output, and luminous flux. In addition, they differ in supply voltage and control method.

LED COB modules are designed for use in high-power floodlights, street lamps, downlights, as well as industrial lamps for rooms with high ceilings.

Advantages of LED COB – modules

  • Compactness. The small size of the clusters allows them to be used in limited spaces.
  • Long service life of the LED module – up to 10 years of continuous operation.
  • High efficiency. LED emitters consume less energy than incandescent, duralight and neon lamps
  • Works great at low and moderate temperatures.
  • They have good reliability and structural strength.
  • Perfectly controlled, dimmable.
  • Reducing the cost of LED devices and increasing the efficiency of their work.
  • Innovative developments of LED-COB make it possible to achieve a high brightness of the luminous flux even with small sizes of lighting equipment.
  • The number of production steps has been reduced by half compared to SMD technology, and the manufacturing time for LED fixtures has been significantly reduced.
  • High optical density of the chip: up to 70 chips can be installed per 1 cm2 of the substrate area.
  • Reliability and efficiency of heat dissipation of LED-COB devices.
  • Compatible with various ballasts and light dimming systems.
  • Uniform lumen output, no shadow effects, high quality color mixing and high CRI values (greater than 90).
Experimental samples of LED modules (4 – 10 W) (4 – 10 Вт)
COB modules for LED lamps to replace incandescent lamps 40-100 W
Powerful LED modules (25-50 W)

Ways to improve domestic COB modules of the LLC “RPE “LTU»

  • Introduction of the latest materials with increased values of thermal, electrical and optical operating parameters; improvement of the CTE of flat COB modules based on innovative assembly technologies of ChiponMiro and ChiponMirosilver with high-efficiency phosphor photoluminescent converters.
  • Improvement of the CTE of flat COB modules based on innovative technologies for the formation of photoluminescent converters with a remote phosphor.
  • Development and production of volumetric COB modules for LED lamps for domestic lighting.
  • Transition from a separate matrix COB module to an LED module with an integrated voltage converter (Highintegratedchiponboard).